Great response and high hopes for this product Posted 7 years ago by in CommUnify

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I just discovered BearHug a few days ago. The timing was great. We are preparing to release a new version of our flagship product as well as a renovated web site. In the past we have relied upon email and telephone calls to provide support to our customers. With the integration of BearHug into our new site, I hope to drive the majority of our customer interaction to the web.

The group at Live Oak 360 was very responsive and helpful when I found a problem between BearHug and Internet Explorer. They were able to get things going in time for our release this weekend. Great support.

I am hopeful for a long and beneficial relationship.

Dave Smith BrindleWaye The Design-a-Course Team The Easiest Way to Train Anyone... Anywhere!

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Posted 7 years ago by Andy Meadows (Staff Member)


Many thanks to you for your kind words, patience, and great expectations for the future.  We have a lot of wonderful ideas in mind that we believe will allow service-oriented organizations who believe in excellent customer care to have thriving online, helpful communities.

All the best with your new website launch and thanks for making BearHug part of your launch.