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We had an account accidently deleted after an employee left. The Tech Support at 44 Doors was able to help me identify who the admin was for our account and where the files went after the account was deleted. I was able to meet with the employee who is an adimin for our account and can now see the QR Codes I already created. The next step is to find out how I can get those files transferred under my account. Is this possible? Rating will go up if it is!

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Posted 4 years ago by Andy Meadows (Staff Member)

Hi, Jan.

Will you please email with the email address that you use when you log in to BudURL.Pro?  In order to move those links to your account, we'll need to know the specific links to migrate or we can move 100% of one users links to another account.  If you can provide this information in your email, we'll see what we can do.  It may take a few days, but we'll definitely check into it and see how we can help.