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Can I use Tweetdeck to Shorten My Links on Capture? Posted 6 years ago by Mike Saenz in Captix

I use Tweetdeck as my primary Twitter and Facebook client.  Can I use 

Capture to shorten my custom links?  Also, if I use 

Capture to power my own custom URL shortener, will it work with Tweetdeck too?

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6 years ago by Mike Saenz (Staff Member)

Yes.  In Tweetdeck version 0.34.2, support for custom URL shorteners was added.  This means you can use Capture or your own custom domain that is powered by 


  1. In Tweetdeck, click on the Settings icon in the top right corner
  2. Click Services in the Settings area of Tweetdeck
  3. Choose "Other" from the dropdown list
  4. Enter your "URL Shortening Endpoint" into the field provided.

You can find your URL Shortening Endpoint by logging into 

Capture, clicking on the Settings tab. If you are account owner you will then have to  click on "Manage Your Personal Settings."  (note: this same URL can be used in the Twitter for iPhone app to shorten your URLs there too!)

Tweetdeck Custom URL Shortener Instructions

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