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How do I choose between a 301 Permanent Redirect vs a 307 Temporary Redirect? Posted 6 years ago by Mike Saenz in Captix

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6 years ago by Mike Saenz (Staff Member)

It really comes down to your needs. The perception is that 301 redirects are better for SEO and Page Rank. If this is a huge concern for you, then choose 301 redirects for your links in your registered account. By 'permanent' Google for example expects that your destination URL will never change so it may cache this URL. Also, proxy and caching servers may also cache the destination URL which may not give you accurate click counts. If you expect to change your URL periodically and SEO is not a big concern, then 307 Temporary Redirects may be the way to go. A good case for 307 redirects is if for example you have a link such as and you plan on changing the URL every month. For more accurate click tracking, you can use 307 Redirects on places with low/no SEO, such as Twitter, emails, any sites that require login, or links on social networking profile pages.

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