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What does "Public CDN access" mean Posted 7 years ago by in WideFile

I have just started using Cloud files, today and was setting up WideFile and it is asking me if I wish to give Public CDN Access to the new container. Not sure what it means :)

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7 years ago by Andy Meadows (Staff Member)

Containers that have "Public CDN Access" means that the files within the CDN (content data network) are published on the Rackspace CloudFiles CDN (powered by Limelight Networks). Files published to the CDN are pushed to the "edge" of networks that reside closest to your visitors. This means that a someone in Tokyo pulls traffic from a different server than someone in Paris. The content is served from the closest server to the individual. Files published to the CloudFiles CDN are not password protected and may be downloaded if the URL is published or known. You should only publish files into a Public CDN Container if they are truly meant for public consumption. More info on the Rackspace CloudFiles CDN may be found here:

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