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Suggested enhancements Posted 7 years ago by in WideFile

Hi.  Just trying WideFile while looking for somethng more functional than the CloudFile web interface.  Nice-to-have features would include:

1) File rename

2) Pseudo-directory browsing (using slashes in the file name or psudo directory markers).  Note: the existing Filter feature may have a bug as it doesnt show any hits when I include a slash in the filter query.

3) Features for managing large containers like Go to [file / page #]

4) Sort by size, date or other metadata.


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7 years ago by Andy Meadows (Staff Member)


Thanks for the feedback and ideas on WideFile.  I moved each of these over to our idea management tool here on BearHug called ThinkTank.  If you have a couple of minutes, would you mind visiting the ideas page and voting for your ideas?

Please keep the feedback coming our way!!



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