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What does "X person per account" mean? Posted 3 years ago by Lori Siedenstrang in BudURL

Can I give other people (within our organization) access to make links  with their own logins?


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3 years ago by Lori Siedenstrang (Staff Member)

Hello! Thanks for reaching out. 

When you have a "X person account" it means that the owner of the account can add up to that many additional people with their own separate logins.

There are three types of account types for the owner to assign to the other people:

1. REGULAR user who can create links and view their traffic analytics

2. REPORTING ADMINISTRATOR who can create their own links, and view all of the links and stats of everyone on the account

3. ACCOUNT ADMINISTRATOR who can see and do everything, from creating links, viewing every user's click stream, to editing others' links as well. An administrator can also add or edit the people on the account. 

The owner of the account is an Account Administrator by default. 

You can easily set this up by logging into your account, then going to >Settings > People 

To make someone a Reporting Admin simply go to >Settings > Access and Roles

If you have any other questions, we'd be happy to help. If you're interested in more users on your account, feel free to explore the next upgrade option in BudURL, or consider our enterprise plan by simply shooting us an email.

Feel free to reach out again



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