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Migrating from bud url pro Posted 3 years ago by in BudURL

Hi, we're been using bud url pro for sometime (and we're satisfied) but now we're moving our shortlink plattform to a owned one.

The question is: How can we migrate our shortlinks to the new plattform?

Thank you very much

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3 years ago by Lori Siedenstrang (Staff Member)

Hi Boris,

Thanks for letting us know you are moving to an owned solution, even though you were a happy BudURL customer. In order to migrate, you can use the API or just export their links and re-import them.

The API information can be found here:

And you can export your links by going to

>Settings (left tab bar) > (Under Manage Domain) Export your links.

I hope that helps! Let us know if you need anything else.


Community Manager, BudURL

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