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I have two accounts - one with the .com site and the bigger one with the .pro site.  I would like to export my links and then either re-enter them or import them so that I have all of them in one account.

How can I export all my links?

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3 years ago by Lori Siedenstrang (Staff Member)

Hi there!

Thanks for being such an avid BudURL user! In order to track all of your links in .pro, you'll have to create a new link to redirect with your .com short URL as your long URL.

If you have a mass amount of links, inputting them one at a time can be tedious. Most folks that are creating URLs in bulk use our easy and open API.  You can create thousands of URLs in seconds without any issues.  Our API documentation may be found here: If you have any specific API questions, you may want to email them to Thanks! Great to have you!


Community Manager, BudURL

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